Ice in the Jungle


Finally the day is here! Ice in the Jungle is now a published book! You can buy and order it in bookshops and online here, here and here and many other places. Or you wait and get your copy at the book launch in April in London :)

Happy UK Mother’s Day

“Ice in the Jungle” Countdown

“Ice in the Jungle” will be published on the 15th of March and will be available for online order.

For the next 10 days I’ll have a countdown on Facebook and Twitter! Why not join in the fun and anticipation :)


Lion playing a Violin


For Daily Doodle on Twitter who give out daily quirky topics to draw and sketch.

Happy Chinese New Year

Embrace the New Year with all your heart! happy-sheep-year

MA Children’s Book Illustration Graduate Show Photos 2015

The Children’s Book MA Graduate show is back in town!

I have been today and just as when I had my show last year, I could feel the excitement in the air. Again I have to say, that I believe this is one of the most notable art graduation shows in London, as it shows a vast variety and diversity of talent.

Most students have put together books, but you can also see, that they are all creative in lots of other ways. Many had handmade plush toys of their characters, printed fabrics and even glazed pottery and story rings.

The stories and characters are often quite wacky and humour is all around. There are plenty emotional stories as well, which explore fears and problems faced by us all, like for example Margarita Surnaite’s beautifully illustrated book “The Lost Book”. It deals with the fear of alienation and lack of direct communication of people due to too much use of modern technology. Some are just plain fun and silly like “Cinderella’s Tiara” by  Yu-Wen Huang, which made me laugh out loud, as it is about a lady gorilla who wants to win a beauty pageant.

When going to the show bring plenty of time as you will want to hop from book to book and will end up losing yourself immersed in illustrated wonderlands.  Below are some photos to whet your appetite or to at least get an idea of what you are missing.

The show is open from 10am till 6pm until the 14th of February (would that be a fun location for a Valentine’s date?) at the Candid Arts Trust Gallery. To learn more about the graduates check out the official website.

New Birthday Card

Did a quick birthday card motive which is now up on Zazzle. You can customize it with any name you like.

My Debut Picture Book

A year ago I was felting in cafes, parks and even on the train to finish my felt bears for my MA Graduation show, which were going to complement my display. There I showed my illustration work and amongst others my graduate project “Ice in the Jungle”.

To my delight and indescribable excitement my book caught the eyes of the Child’s Play team, who came to have a look at the MA show.

I have now been working on it over the last year and soon it will be released! It will be out in mid-March and is already up on Amazon for preorder. How awesome is that, seeing your name there?

I am so thankful to the tutors of the MA in Children’s Book Illustration, who made this possible. Who pushed me in the right direction and inspired and helped me, to make my dream come true. I highly recommend this MA to anyone who has a serious passion for illustrating for children and for picture books in particular. You will be surrounded by like minded people, who will inspire you and make you strive and work harder every day.

And also a big thank you to the people at Child’s Play, who are very inspirational as well and who I admire for their ethics and colourful and beautiful catalogue, as well as their passion for new talent. I feel happy and proud about having my debut with Child’s Play.

Keep an eye on this blog to find out more about my book and my work, there is a lot in the pipeline. (just one word: competitions)

Ice in the Jungle

Merry Christmas from the Cuddle Monsters

I hope you all had monster fun with my Cuddle Monsters. I certainly did and so did they.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!


Loco : Advent Calendar Cuddle Monster 24


Loco is one of the few Cuddle Monsters with the ability to fly. He uses this to help others, like getting kites out of trees, or that trike of the roof. And because he is known to be the local hero, they all call him Super Loco.

Learn more about the Cuddle Monster Advent Calendar.


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