My last Chance! Part 3

“After that she walked further and came to a tree weight down with apples. “Shake me. Shake me. We apples are all ripe.” cried the tree. So she shook the tree until the apples fell like rain. When none were left in the tree, she gathered them into a pile, and then continued on her way.

Finally she came to a house. An old woman was peering out from inside. She had very large teeth, which frightened the girl, and she wanted to run away. But the old woman called out to her, “Don’t be afraid, dear child. Stay here with me, and if you do my housework properly, all will be fine. Above all, you must make my bed well and shake it thoroughly until the feathers fly, then it will snow in the world, for I am Mother Holle.”

Because the old woman spoke so kindly to her, Maya took heart, agreed, and started in her service. The girl took care of everything to Mother Holle’s satisfaction and always shook her featherbed heartily until the feathers flew about like snowflakes. And so she had a good life with her: no angry words, but tasty food every day.”

Part 1

Part 2


One thought on “My last Chance! Part 3

  1. Hello!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog- don’t worry, my dummy doesn’t actually look all that professional- it just looks more impressive in the photo! It’s actually all wonky, the colours are wrong and the pages come apart. Only a few pages are finished, the rest are just pencil :-) Oh, and some of the finished artwork looks like a toddler has done it!
    I LOVE your work! Can’t believe you have no arty training, it looks so professional.
    If you’re looking for more competitions to get you started in illustration, there are the YCN briefs which are published every year around October and are not only fun, but a great opportunity. You can enter as many as you like and they are all real briefs for real companies. Order a past year’s book from their shop for inspiration.
    Viel Glueck!

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