Station Desserts

I had the most amazing time in Japan and am definitely going back one day. Aww, I could talk about it for ours and am charged with creative energy.

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is desserts and Japan is definitely a dessert heaven!!!!  It is UNBELIEVABLE what Japanese make out of sponges and waffles and ice cream and I believe, if I was living there I would be bursting out of all my seams very soon. Seriously, being from Germany, I always believed German and French desserts and cakes are the best, but Japan….*drool*…..

Here are some little deliciousnesses which they sell at Kyoto train station. It’s Station Desserts and I fortunately took a little booklet which depicts all of them, otherwise I would forget. I haven#t tried all of them, but they do taste usually as good as they look!

2 thoughts on “Station Desserts

    • Thank you! :) The exhibit went so well, I am really happy.

      Yes Japanese are baking artists. I miss those treats! I will attempt to bake a Matcha birthday cake today :)

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