LCC Foundation Course

I am very happy, as I have received an offer from the London College of Communication for the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design! ^^
I was very nervous when I went for the interview and wasn’t sure, if my portfolio was good enough. I’ve never had any formal art training and thus don’t have such an impressive and experimental portfolio like the ones from applicants who did Art during their A levels and did portfolio preparation courses. The other portfolios looked very different to mine. There was a lot of abstract and experimental art going on, whereas my stuff was almost sterile children’s book art, since most of it was done digitally. I am glad I added some photography. The format of the interview was a bit odd as well and I didn’t get to show all my exhibits I had on me. I didn’t really know what to make of that interview and portfolio review.
So when I got the e-mail with the unconditional offer, I was making sure that all the neighbours would know, by shouting loudly ^^
I am sure it will help me massively in developing myself further, to improve my skills and knowledge and experiment with techniques and materials which I otherwise couldn’t. Ohh…. I hope I get the chance to make a little stop motion film!!!
And hey, I got another chance for the MacMillan Prize!!!

Very exciting times!!!

After the interview we had to design a post card which showed what we want to achieve and what we are all about. This was my card:


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