Romeo and Juliet Part 2

This project finished a few weeks ago. After more research I finally decided on my four objects.
A scarf – which would serve as a poster, a bangle for the ladies – which has the play’s info engraved on the inside. Note: I didn’t make the entire bangle – just the attachment and the engraving. I also designed a shisha tobacco box for the men with the play’s info on the package. This way the Asian men, who like to smoke a shisha from time to time at the local restaurant get the promotion during their spare time and since it’s a social activity I would hope for them to talk about it while they are at it. And the best and most labour intensive one is a chessboard with paper chess pieces. I used screenprinting for the chessboard pattern itself. The fields contain quotes of the play and the ornate outside has all the info about the play. The chess pieces are laser cut. That’s very expensive at our uni, but it was worth it. I think they turned out wicked. I especially like the Romeo and Juliet pawns which form a heart when put together :)

All in all I think it did well with what I churned out in those three weeks. The thing that took the longest was the screen printing, since a lot went wrong at first.

Here are some photos of the pieces.


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