Final Major Project – Getting Started: Photography

Since I decided on a children’s book I’ve had many looks at other illustrators out there. As already mentioned I very much like Agnezi Beruzzi’s style, since I like that she combines photography within her work.

I want to use some form of collage too, even though I have never really used that before. I’ve had a look around and at least on the British market in the British shops and libraries I could not find any children’s books that contain photography of people – objects yes, but not people.

So I was fortunate enough to be granted permission from some lovely friends to take plenty of photos of their almost 4-year-old daughter. Isn’t she the cutest???  She reminds me of Dora the Explorer- in fact that’s one of her favourite shows and she showed me her backpack, map and stuffed monkey.

 I took almost 700 pictures, which I am still organizing. A lot of work – phew. I started making a reference book, so I can see the poses I have available. I can then use them in my digital work, but for overview purposes, this works best me. Even though it takes AGES to cute them all out.

I’ve also had a little go on arranging them, just to see, how it might look like and I quite like it.

3 thoughts on “Final Major Project – Getting Started: Photography

  1. wow… you are so creative Ariane..! can see your hard work behind a great piece of work.. hope you have all success… :)

  2. Wow This is truly amazing. Dravya looks so sweet and so cute. But of course Tejas not to forget your frd who have put in lot of hardwork in getting her creativity and dravya seen. All the Best to her and she gets all the success in the world that shw deserves. I just Hope this book gets published not only in India but all over the world making Dravya and your this Friend SUPERSTARS

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