Final Major Project: Central Saint Martins + New Sketchbook Work

Today I had my portfolio review with Central Saint Martins which is THE art university in the world. They’ve got a new facility near King’s Cross St. Pancrass which is amazing. It’s an old train garage or something like this. The rooms and halls are huge and they call their floors “streets” for a reason. It’s just an amazing complex and studying there would be beyond description. There were around 20-30 students and we had to drop off our portfolios and pick them up later. They definitely went through then thoroughly. I found my sketchbooks which I had put neatly in a bag all over my portfolio in unexpected places. They said that they have made an offer to some of the people in the room, but we won’t find out until end of this month…. argh,….this wait. On my portfolio stuck a pink blank post-it note, hmmmm….what could that mean? No one else had one… This will give me sleepless nights!

Anyhow here is some more sketchbook work for my Final Major Project.

Well, guess, which lion I chose? ;) These are different colour profiles to help me chose the right colour for him. I like this bonbon lion.

I’ve also had a go at flying ships. I am not so good with drawing inanimate things, but these ships are pretty cool, don’t you think? I wanted to draw something along the lines of the ships in the Sailor Moon Super S movie.

And here’s a bit more lion action.

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