Final Major Project – The Mysterious Bunny Mask

This is inspired by a mask I saw in a museum in Geneva, Switzerland a few weeks ago. In the children’s book I am illustrating at the moment are three masks, who are very strange. They live on a flying ship and they like a good party, but what are their intentions?

I did a bit of research and the mask, on which it is based, is an African mask from the Yohure people at the Ivory Coast. You should google those masks, they are amazing!!! I drew one for half an hour while visiting the museum and now I read that women shouldn’t look at them, since the Yu spirit that lives in them will make women infertile.
Well thanks for mentioning that on the label at the museum   (which I wouldn’t have been able to understand anyway since it was in French).

But I sketched a lot of other masks as well and I am sure, some of them were there to boost fertility so its square now.

For this image I made lot of new textures with watercolour, screenprinting and ink. I really like it and all the hard work was worth it.


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