Final Major Project : Flying Ship

So…. I had my Brighton interview yesterday. Brighton is wonderful, especially in the sun, I really loved it. It has all the things that I miss in London and people are really appreciative of the arts –  and they are friendly as opposed to Watford and London. Plus there is a beach!  The interview was ok, they were very poker-faced and even though normally I can sort of tell from body-language what people think of my work, here I am totally clueless.  One of the best features of the uni was a garden. A uni with a garden, sweet :)

Anyhow, the book is printed and I can’t add anything else to it, but I thought I keep on showing some highlights of the details within it.

One of the toughest things to draw was the flying ship. Inanimate things are a bit of a toughy for me since I prefer drawing animal, children, monsters, flowers and trees. That’s why I think this ship has something organic about itself as well. It looks a bit now like a living thing. The colours were crucial to make it stand out from the background, so I had to change then quite a bit. Also the masks had to stand out in front of it and not blend in. Now it’s a turquoise flying ship :)

From initial sketch, to dummy, to litho (which I only used for the textures) to final illustration







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