Final Major Project: The perfect Lion 3D

Remember  this guy?

Well for the exhibition I want him to help me out a bit, since I can’t be there all the time. Thus he had to step out of the book into our 3D world. I want him to hold some postcards for people to take, so he needed to be able to pose and I would whisk him into life.  To do this I gathered everything needed. Fleece, fur, wool, wire, scissors, cotton and a free weekend.

First I decided on the size and then shaped a body from garden tie wire. This stuff is great and I probably could have gone a bit easy on it and used less. I also made some pattern stencil to mark the fabric.

At the same time I spray painted some doll’s eyes white for the typical lion eyes.

I added the details like the curls for the mane and the whiskers and paws and got all the pieces ready to be sewn together.

I then connected all the pieces and it was almost time to turn it all and put the wire in. The wire frame was wrapped in cotton and putting it in, felt a bit like dressing a child only a lot weirder.

So – and having everything in place and sewn shut this is the result!




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