TATE Modern Visit

Went to the TATE modern today to see the exhibitions of  Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst. Both seem to have a thing with dots ^^ I loved Kusama‘s early work from the 50’s. She did some amazing paintings which contained little messages and lives of their own. The sort of images where you discover something new, every time you take a look at them. Later she got slightly obsessive with pattern which she reproduced on large canvases over and over again until they came out of the canvas and spilled into the environment. That again is very intriguing, since it makes the installation room the canvas and we as spectators are walking through the painting.

Damien Hirst had a simelar concept with his butterfly piece, where you are in a room with butterfly cocoons stuck to the canvases where you watch them hatch and fly and feed and die, with the flying living butterflies all around you. Again I have been inside a an artwork. Of course there was loads of his other famous work there such as the shark, halfed cow and butterfly collages. The one that stirred me most was that of a white dove with spread out wings suspended for eternity. Where Damien saw hope in this piece, I found it rather unsettling and the dove seemed to blame me personally for it’s situation and seemed  to say:  “Look at me, like all the others do. I am destined to be looked and marvelled at forever, without ever feeling the wind in my feathers again. Shame on you, humanity!”

My friend and me spent also a lot of time in the various book shops of the TATE. I loved looking through all the wonderful titles and finding one fascinating one after the next. And look what I spotted on the Children’s Book section ;)

And then there was the rain….

Hope the next days will be better.


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