Lion in New York City

Lion went on a short trip to New York City and took me along as his photographer. Here are the snaps of his favourite moments.

On the first morning I had American Pancakes with Maple Syrup in a small diner. Is there a better way to start the day?


Look, that’s me on the beach in Salisbury, MA. The weather was roaring hot, but the water was too cold to swim for me.


I took a walk on the High Line in Manhattan. From there I had a great view and I loved the plants and the High Line Zoo.


This is me taking a sunbath on one of the many deck chairs on the High Line. I love this place! 


This is my new buddy I met in Chinatown. He says he’s a good luck dragon but I  think we are distant cousins, just check out his hair.


I walked all the way across Brooklyn Bridge to see the  Manhatten skyline from the Dumbo area. From there you can also see the Statue of Liberty.  (But not on this photo thanks to my unreliable photographer.)


Just chill’n with my uncle Patience in front on the public library.


And that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed it.  But wait, I met one familiar face on this trip:


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