MA Children’s Book Illustration

While I finished my Foundation Diploma, I have been applying for BA’s and FdA courses in the UK through UCAS. These would be the natural progression, after a Foundation Diploma. However for various reasons, one being that I already have Psychology BSc in my pocket, I have also applied for an MA course. Not for any MA, but the very prestigious MA for Children’s Book Illustration in Cambridge. I found out mainly about the course, since its students repeatedly win the Macmillan Prize. Last week Monday I had my interview with the course director Martin Salisbury, whose books I own since quite some time. It was very exciting to see the University,  meet him and hear what he thought of my portfolio. On Saturday I held the letter with the result of this interview in my hands.

I had received an offer! I will be on the course!!!

This is incredibly exciting,  since the course has brought forward many now international published children’s book illustrators, such as Paula Metcalf,  Lis Evans, Sam McCullen, Carol Liddiment, Pam Smy, Algy Hall, Anna Wadham and Kazuno Kohara. Hopefully I can add to that line after I finish.

This now means that I will most likely relocate to Cambridge and hopefully find a nice flat there, where I can keep my two cats. All so very exciting I had to draw a jolly guy. The rain motive is a homage to the past Diamond Jubilee Weekend,  the weekend I found out that I’ll get the chance to study Children’s Book Illustration at one of the finest places imaginable.


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