Sailor Moon 2013

Now as you might know from my previous posts I am a MASSIVE Sailor Moon fan, the anime series that opened the door to so many other anime and mangas in the Western world. I love it’s complex story, almost all female cast and connections to all kinds of mythology out there. Thanks purely to the show I know all the symbols of our solar system, know a few Japanese terms and I never had trouble remembering any of our planets. It also made me read the Greek myths more carefully and enthusiastically. This show premièred 20 years ago in Japan and now finally – after the rest of the world is already doing it – Japan joined the celebrations.  And not only that. They actually announced the production and release of an entirely new anime series for summer 2013 which is just….. mind blowing…. I bet this show is the best known animated show in the entire world. You can find fans and fan clubs anywhere on this planet because it is so appealing. A new show, if done right, will have another massive impact that will ripple the anime world. I so wish I could be part of the production, or at least see how they work on it. Though I might actually die of excitement, so better not.  I so need to visit Japan next summer, it has to be possible somehow, because I would love to be there when the magic is released once more. I would love to see a new musical and dive into the merchandise like Uncle Scrooge dives into money. Ha, better get some commissions to get enough money together (yes, I am looking at you ;))

To celebrate this AMAZING news I drew Chibi Chibi, a mysterious character, who appears in the last instalment of the show and has a different meaning in anime and manga. I like her manga version more, that’s why I drew her in this style.


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