Cambridge Beginnings

On Wednesday it was the first day of my MA in Children’s Book Illustration here in Cambridge.

It was great to  finally meet people in person, who I have only known from Facebook before, where I did set up a group for our course a few months ago. The previous week has been very hectic with me moving all my belongings to Cambridge and starting to unpack and fit it into a much smaller place. But now I’ve got a small cozy studio/office set up and live with two other lovely girls who do the same course. I will introduce their work at a later point in time.

The first day was really just a meet up of all the full time MA students, getting to know and meet the main lectures, Martin Salisbury and Pam Smy. I collected my student ID and can now get all my student discounts again :)  We had a little tour through the building which is quite a maze and I bet it will take a while to find your way around easily without getting lost. The teaching studio is big and bright and full of artwork and character cut outs from former students, so it is inspiration all around.

One of the most exciting events within the course will be the participation of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair which is a children’s literature trade fair. I soooo will take part in that to see the picture book industry from the inside and hopefully get a contract ^^

I’ve also taken a walk through the old city centre. I live a bit away from it, so I don’t get to see it daily.  These are some snaps I took. I should really show you sketches of the place but I didn’t get the chance yet to just sit down and draw the streets. It’s gonna be tough in general for me to move aside the camera and take to pen and sketchbook instead. The first module is all about observational drawing so you’ll see a lot of sketchbook work in the following weeks. Exciting stuff, innit :)

Here are the Cambridge photos, enjoy!!!


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