Drawing, drawing…

So today we had our first tutorial which as rather short, but very helpful. You can see the different quality immediately after getting the right advice. Amazing.

Unfortunately I only have a A4 scanner, so you can see the middle of the book and some bits are missing. They are quite big and I had to combine three separate scans. I’ll try some scans at uni one of these days which are much bigger.


This first image was done last week during our introductory sessions and depicts one of my classmates showing her work to the class.  Over the weekend I was really sick  (still am to be honest) so I couldn’t draw anything worth mentioning. This morning we got individual advice on our work and it was soooo helpful. It’s also so interesting since everyone gets different advice tailored to their needs.


Afterwards I dragged myself with my class mates to the Zoology museum in Cambridge where I then applied the advice given and I love the result. Can you see the difference in quality?  I will hopefully return tomorrow and finish it. This took me 2hrs with all the details and the sketchbook is a large square one. I really enjoyed it since I could see the result. This was done with ink and pen since these can’t hide any mistakes. Whatever you do wrong is visible and you’ll have to learn for the future. I like that! And sometimes mistakes look very expressive.

Clearly perspective is something to work on, but I guess I’ll take one step at a time :)


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