The Lion and Me -Revisited

As the loyal reader knows ;) I have created a children’s book last year named “The Lion and Me” which was my Final Major Project during my Foundation Year (uhm…more like 9 months to be honest) at the London College of Communication (which was brilliant by the way). I haven’t heard back from most of the publishers to whom I have send it, which is fair enough since they are all British and I feel that this book is not so suited for the British market anyway. They are a bit conservative sometimes from what I have heard.

Now that I am going to Bologna I have the chance to present my book to a vast number of publishers from all around the world. I really hope that one of them will take a liking to the book and considers it for publication. I have watched children read it (not just friend’s children but random ones as well – gosh that sounds creepy) and they really enjoy it, so I hope that it will find a way into bookshelves somewhere. Pretty Please!

Since I had now the opportunity to let my current lecturers, of whom all are well established illustrators (such as Alexis Deacon), have a look at the book I had quite a bit of feedback which I have now used to make changes. One of the main concerns was, that I had three different elements, photographic, vector and watercolour. One had to go to make the images more harmonious and I decided to redo all the lions in vectors. This is how the new lions looks like:


Personally I prefer the water colour lion on it’s own, but within the images the vector version just sits better.

Also I had to change a few images around and create some new ones to have a better flow. So this one is now no longer in the book.


I have ordered some dummies from a photobook provider (bloody expensive – but I couldn’t find a good printer like last time) and hope they will reach me before Bologna. In addition I have to keep on working on the kite book which needs to be finished before Bologna as well… wohoo.. sleepless nights ahead…


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