Bologna is coming nearer

and it’s so exciting and scary at the same time! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! :)

Yesterday we got our Bologna Catalogues which will be up for graps at our stand at the fair for publishers and anyone interested. They are so cool and full of amazing illustration, a real collectors item. And I am in it!! Yeah :)



The picture opposite mine is that of Ruchi Mhasane who graduated last year. What a coincident, since I met her just over a week ago. She is from India and an amazing artist. Her work is so delicate. I loved her showing our class her beautiful work. I hope my art will be of similar quality when I graduate, though colour wise I feel like we are speaking a similar language. Since she is from India and tried to illustrate stories set in India she struggled with the same issues I am facing right now… light and crowds to name a few. Ruchi solved them, now it’s my turn :) Please have a look at her work.


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