Life Drawing in London

Since I moved to London I have taken up weekly life drawing. I did it the first time during my foundation course, but only once and there were no teachers to instruct you. Also the Cambridge School of Art hosts life drawing for free for us students, but they often collided with my tutorials and were incredibly crowded, uninstructed and with not so well experienced models.

There are so many sessions to choose from in London, that it is hard to decide but I have two different ones I now go to whenever I have time. One is in North London and the other one is near where I live in West London and both are run by artists who give advice and instruction and help you out if you are stuck. They also encourage you to try different materials and so on. Also the models tend to be very varied and are very experienced, providing different challenges each time. I recommend the drawing in the pub sessions since they are in a really friendly atmosphere and you can have a drink during the break :) The down point is that the lighting is often dim and the are no ways of creating strong shadows.  This is the Facebook page for that group:

Here are some of the images I produced during that time and some really rubbish, but in others I can see progress. I really enjoy doing it and it’s  a bit like Yoga for the mind. You really need to concentrate and need to know a few simple techniques to get you going and at the end it feels very rewarding.  As you can see, I really need to work on drawing hands…I will have to make that my focus for the next few sessions.

life-drawing1This was a fun session with loads of models doing themed poses. They were very short and you had to choose quickly how to tackle the image.




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