The Pressure is On

Regret-1In roughly 3 weeks I am sitting again in the studio in Cambridge and will have to show what I have done over the summer and hand in my proposal for my diploma project.

This is a final big project for the MA which will be exhibited in London and which will make the largest part of the grading. So many great books have come from this final project that I feel that I need to live up to the expectations, for the course and for me.

I have got this big chance now to show my growth and my passion for this subject and that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

The pressure is heavy and quite suffocating and I need to be able to get myself into a state of mind, where I don’t care about the others but rather focus on my work and get absorbed in it.

I have come up with a few ideas that I would love to explore during this project.


However they are all drastically different from one another in their mood and I don’t know how well this will go down with the tutors.

Also I will have to start commuting from London to Cambridge, which will be quite a change from the brisk cycle ride I used to do before the summer to get to Uni. Though I do like commuting, where I can do some drawing of fellow travellers and have some thinking time. Who knows it might turn out to be a blessing.

I really want to show what I can do and want to produce more than one book project since I feel one alone doesn’t represent me. My interests are to diverse to decide on just one project.

However at the moment I feel very confused and making the right decisions seems like just a  big task. But I am very curious about which paths I will chose over the next four months and the work I will exhibit.


2 thoughts on “The Pressure is On

  1. You’ll do great :)
    I remember once drawing my ideas on postcards, then when I knew how many I wanted to submit I made a little concertina file and slotted them in each pocket.

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