Carving your Way

My Mom got a new garden and carved out some steps into the hill to access it. She sent me some photos and I felt the effort deserved an image.



4 thoughts on “Carving your Way

  1. Fall is upon us and there is probably not a more melancholic season in a year, well at least for me it is a very significant time of the year. This creation of yours transpires that melancholy beautifully. I know I recognize myself in this seasonal snapshot captured on canvas? Is it a canvas you’re working on?

    In any way, I think it’s a graphically crafted, seasonal landmark you’ve captured here. I mean, it works for me. This. Is. Fall.

    …and j’aime bien ça!

    truly yours,

    Frank ” bishop to queen six ” Loon

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Autumn is a colourful gift of nature before the earth turns hard and cold for the next months to come.It is In fact a digital painting :)

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