A Winter Memory

Now that the days and nights get quite significantly colder here in London, I’m becoming a bit melancholic and memories of my childhood flood in and out of my mind.  The cold air made me think of how when I was little I went to buy our fresh breakfast rolls from the bakery each Saturday morning. It was ritual I loved since I love the smell of fresh bread, cake and rolls…   I mean who doesn’t. I also used to meet my grandma there,  who got her breakfast rolls and she would always buy me a treat :)  Sometimes I was so eager – and I was at an age before I could read the time – that I reached before the bakery had even opened and the baker was still hard at work.  Ah well, that was a good time to make up stories in my mind, count snowflakes in winter or daydream of the yummy fresh rolls :) Three cheers for a small town childhood where those things are possible!!!



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