MA Children’s Book Illustration Graduate Show Photos 2014

The MA show is up and running at the upper floor gallery of the Candid Arts Trust. It is an amazing show and yes I know I am part of it and it might sound smug but I am standing by it. It is most likely the most colourful, vibrant, versatile, inspiring, joyful, international, creative, inventive and professional graduate show that London has to offer.

It will take you a good two hours to thoroughly look through everything and everyone’s work, because you will want to and because you will be sucked into one amazing artwork and story after another.  There are surely the next big names in the picture book industry on display here. The quality is outstanding. After it, you will be exhilarated and your head will be buzzing with inspiration, enchantment and a feeling of having travelled through hundreds of magical worlds. It really isn’t something to be missed.

I really wonder what all the characters are up to at night when the gallery is closed. I bet they have the best party ever!

Here are some glimpses of what is on display but to really understand the stories you will have to read them yourself, because as we know a perfect picture book is the perfect combination of word and image.  Also, there are some wonderfully beautiful business cards to be collected. The show is on until Saturday the 15th of February.

You can find details of the artists on their websites which are added beneath each photo.


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