Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2014

Yay! Here are some photos from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. I returned yesterday and my head is full of images and stories of all the amazing books I’ve seen. The Cambridge School of Art stand looked fabulous and was high in demand, so I didn’t actually get to see all the dummies this time.

It was exciting to listen to a panel of previous graduates, Sarah Lodge, Carolina Rabei and Steve Antony, talking about their working methods and being interviewed by Martin Salisbury and the captivated audience. I learned a lot from it and got inspired.

When not talking to publishers and trying to get my work seen, I  spent most of my time at the Korean stands, especially from the illustration school “Hills”. They create some of the most stunning work and very moving stories. I bought a book there that was only a dummy last year when I saw it first but has now been published.

Italian food and wine can’t be flawed so the dinners were another highlight of the trip. Compared to last year the weather was somewhat better and I actually got to see some of the majestic old town centre.

All in all an inspiring trip with wonderful people and beautiful art!


3 thoughts on “Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2014

  1. How’s Bologna as a city? Thinking of visiting soon to see the Girl with the Pearl Earring exhibition :)

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