Global Talent Search 2014

I have taken part in the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. This is a competition where the winner gets 2 years of representation and bunch of licensing deals. Licensing is something I have been looking into over the last few weeks, since I don’t really know that much about it. As was my luck the competition took place while I was abroad on holiday and a one road trip by car and bike as such. Getting easily car sick easily, I could only work during short breaks and in our accomodations. When I got back I had less than 2 days to whip up a piece and spend pretty much every minute on it until the deadline.

The brief was to create a piece of wall art based on the theme little terrarium. It also had to contain a word. I wasn’t familiar with little terrarien and having no internet access abroad wasn’t really helping in my research ^^ Fortunately Lilla had included some images in her brief so I could get an idea there.  Here are some of the sketches I did while on the road.


I love all the different shapes a terrarium can have and I am actually now going to plan to create a few of my own. They are  adorable!  

In the end however I wanted to use the terrarium itself as an environment in which to discover and enjoy yourself. It’s mushroom season in Germany at the moment (where most of our road trip took place) and I saw many mushrooms on trips through forests. They would look great in a terrarium. I also love the different layers a terrarium has and wanted to show them in the piece. They form a pattern of their own, like a stage. And yeah colours, I chose quite a bright palette to support the word my choice – JOY. :) I hope it catches Lilla’s and the judge’s eyes and I get into round 2. Here is my piece: 


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