My Debut Picture Book

A year ago I was felting in cafes, parks and even on the train to finish my felt bears for my MA Graduation show, which were going to complement my display. There I showed my illustration work and amongst others my graduate project “Ice in the Jungle”.

To my delight and indescribable excitement my book caught the eyes of the Child’s Play team, who came to have a look at the MA show.

I have now been working on it over the last year and soon it will be released! It will be out in mid-March and is already up on Amazon for preorder. How awesome is that, seeing your name there?

I am so thankful to the tutors of the MA in Children’s Book Illustration, who made this possible. Who pushed me in the right direction and inspired and helped me, to make my dream come true. I highly recommend this MA to anyone who has a serious passion for illustrating for children and for picture books in particular. You will be surrounded by like minded people, who will inspire you and make you strive and work harder every day.

And also a big thank you to the people at Child’s Play, who are very inspirational as well and who I admire for their ethics and colourful and beautiful catalogue, as well as their passion for new talent. I feel happy and proud about having my debut with Child’s Play.

Keep an eye on this blog to find out more about my book and my work, there is a lot in the pipeline. (just one word: competitions)

Ice in the Jungle


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