New Book!!! Max and Xam

No, I have not been swallowed by the earth! Only by the demands of three little kids! Finally my third authored and fully illustrated book is about to be published soon.

What a journey it has been.

Since “That’s Not how you do it!” I’ve had two more little ones – and not the kind that sleep through the night or take predictable naps.

But hey, I got here in the end. It is finally finished and a publication day is set – the 3rd of February 2020!

Child’s Play – my wonderful publisher – has been amazing. They helped me push through the restructuring of the story and lots and lots of editing. Without their help, the book would be nowhere near its final version.

I am very happy with it and I do love the characters. They’ve come a long way themselves and I’ll tell you all about them over the next few weeks.

Until then, I can reveal to you the cover!



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