Felt Polar Bears

Yay, my Etsy shop has been temporarily inhabited by little polar bears. It’s only their temporary home though, because they are looking for their forever home.

They are all handcrafted by myself with close attention to detail and each of them is a little treasure. Get yours now, before they are all gone.



4 2

Felt Felt Baby


This is a sneak peek at to who will populate my Etsy shop in the next few days. Keep up to date by liking my Etsy shop now. Due to time restriction I won’t be able to make too many at a time, so you better be fast :)

Ice in Frankfurt

Ice had been spotted in Frankfurt at the booth of my publisher a week ago. They had this lovely poster and a mock copy for people to look through. Isn’t this exciting? A year ago she was just taking shape, now she is posing at the world’s largest book fair.

Thank you to the super talented Zack Rock for taking this photo!

Ice in Frankfurt



This is Ice. She is the main character of my debut picture book that will be released next Spring by the wonderful people of Child’s Play. I am super happy and excited, but can’t tell you much about the story yet. So stay tuned :)

New Promo Postcards

My new promo cards arrived today. I really like them. What do you think?

Navratri Update

After going to a garba and dandiya ras (traditional Indian dances during the Hindu festival “Navratri”) I realised that my two dandiya dancers were highly underdressed. I saw so many amazing dancers in Harrow this year that were in such a rich embroidered desi (Indian) style that I was in awe the entire time. So I decided to upgrade the outfits of my two dancers. Took a long time due to the detail, but now they look proper :) This rich embroidery comes from an area in the Indian state of Gujarat called Kutch. They use a lot of mirrors and cotton bobbles and the clothes are very heavy but look amazing.navratri-couple


detail1 detail2

Happy Navratri

Ohh Deer

These are my entries for the Ohh Deer card competition. To support me, please click on this link and like, tweet or pin them, or preferably all of that together, as that will count as votes for me. Spread the word. Thank you ever so much!!!

oh deer card4 oh deer card3

oh deer card1oh deer card2

Socks, glorious Socks

I am taking part in the fun “Sock it to me” competition. They have some wicked socks there. You can enter up to 5 designs. Somehow this really got my creative juices flowing and I had  around 20 ideas and had to narrow it down to the 5 shown here. I’d wear all of them. I am crazy for novelty socks!  Which one would you get and why?socks-ariane

Happy Monday


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