Illustration Friday: Rescue

Hanumanji, also known as the Monkey God rescues King Ram’s injured brother Lakshman by bringing mount Dronagiri to him, where a herb grows which will make him strong again and heal his wounds. In fact Hanumanji rescues Rama and Lakshman on several occasions. He is still very much worshipped by Hindus to this day and is often seen as the God of loyal servants, since his love for his master King Ram is endless. I love his many abilities such as superstrength and flying. He is an ancient Supermonkey, always ready for the rescue!!

Here is the Wiki-Wisdom about him.

I just found out, that it is his Birthday this week.
Happy Birthday, Hanumanji!

7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Rescue

  1. Hello, thanks for your comment in my blog.
    To answer your question about the textures in my illo, I made them by scanning different strokes and splashes made with different pencils, crayons, inks and anything I could find, and then a lot of photoshop, to get them as I wanted.
    Hope this answers your question.

  2. Hey guys, thanks all for your kind comments and thank you happych for the info.
    Just to clarify – I did not make this story up, it is part of the ancient Indian epic “Ramayana”. The Ramayana is so rich and full of amazing characters and very inspirational for any artist, check it out :)

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