Romeo and Juliet

Our latest project requires us to produce 4 promotional items for a Shakespeare play of our choice. In addition it needs to be new version of Shakespeare, one that puts the chosen play into a new context. We have to make it like it’s being produced by our local theatre and target an audience that normally wouldn’t attend the theatre.
My town has a large Asian ethnic community and I have asked many of them and most have never been to the theatre since they think it’s not for them. They also don’t feel that there is enough promotion going on for the odd Asian play/performance that takes place there once in a while.

Thus I have decided for Romeo and Juliet – and I’ll take the cultural mixed route. Juliet being from a Muslim family and Romeo being a white British kid. This idea was welcomed by the members of my local Asian community with high interest and a definite willingness to watch a play like this, since they can relate to it. I am now working on the ideas for the items. To get us going and make us research our material our tutor asked us to decorate a mask which should symbolise one of the characters in our play.

This is my Juliet.

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