Queens Road Summer Market in Watford

In two weeks I will have my first own stall. It will be in Watford (UK) at the Queens Road Summer Market. Today was the first session and I had a look around, what all the other artists and bakers offer. I noticed, that it might be a bit hard to find, so if you are planning to give my stall a visit on the 11th or 25th June, on the 9th or 23rd of July or on the 3rd of September you can follow the this little guide ^^

On the High Street go to the main entrance of the Harlequin Shopping Centre and look for this sign:

Take a left and follow the path:

And there you are! :)
My stall will be here:

This is Fiona, with whom I share my stall (she’s got it some days I got other days). She makes beautiful felt jewellery: http://www.fionatunmore.co.uk

Here are some more pics of the market! Please come and visit me! :)

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