Final Major Project

During each Foundation Year comes the time when you have to put all you have learned to practice.

This is the time of the Final Major Project, the last step and your chance to show to a wider audience what you are capable of. The brief of the Final Major Project is often very loosely defined which leaves a lot of freedom but also means tough choices. You’ve got only one Go and you’ve gotta make the best of it. Scary! Especially when you are not sure, if you can continue with art education as it is in my case (it’s just soooo expensive with already having a BSc and no student loan available – sponsors anyone ;))

I want to do Children’s illustration, for books and/or education or any other projects out there targeted at the younger audience.  That’s why I will do a Children’s book. Simplez. I’ve attempted that before (as loyal blog readers are well aware of), but back then I had not much experience in design and illustration and how to handle a project. I believe I have grown enough to now create a decent piece.

So currently I am still in the process of researching. The format, the plot, the style. There is so much to consider.  I’ve found so many interesting and amazing illustrators who are huge inspiration. I will highlight some in my upcoming entries.

So far I have decided on the format. I hand bound a dummy which I could use to test my idea and set the layout. I had to do a second one though, cause I got the page numbers wrong. Silly me – the first one had twice as many pages . Here are some photos of the dummies of which one is a REAL dummy (me :)). Both books have 2 signatures, which makes me very proud.

This one has staples.

This one is sewn…sort of. Kinda made the stitches up.

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