I am back :)  Yesterday was hand in of the large written assignment of my MA course and now I’ve got 4 months no uni and time to work on new ideas which I will bring with me to the course in September for the big final project!  And I can do more stuff for Illustration Friday again!  Also I will be moving to London in a week and try to visit as many museums as I can during the summer. Do you have any museums in mind, that I should definitely go to? I am not a big city girl and am still exploring London so let me know what all is out there!

Oh and about Macmillan, well it didn’t work out again, sniff, but well…anyhow several of my classmates are in the exhibition and Wen Dee even got third place! So come and have a look throughout next week at Foyles.

Oh and this is how I felt this morning after the big hand in day yesterday.



5 thoughts on “Summertime

    • Well I am in still in Cambridge for another week and my hubby is taking care of them, but I’ll report back once we are all together. From what I hear Billi misses the girls, but Luna has adjusted perfectly, the diva has gone.

  1. Wow, enjoy your summer in London! There are so many museums and galleries: the famous ones like V&A, National and Portrait Galleries, the Science Musuem (amazing even if you’re not that into science), Tate Britain and Tate Modern, and smaller galleries like the Serpentine and White Cube. The South Bank is also amazing. Haven’t been to London for a while now, though I used to live in Surrey and go quite a lot.

    Loving your cute little characters – I found your blog through Charlotte posting the picture you did of her!

    • Thanks for the suggestions Jess! Will definitely make a check list. I also downloaded the Time Out app so I don’t miss any festivals. Definitely won’t get bored :)

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